Gluten Free

I read once that adolescent friendships are hard to be matched by adult friendships, simply because adult friendships lack the luxury of time we take for granted in adolescent friendships. When you’re a kid, or in college for that matter, there is free, unbounded time to spend with friends, time to waste doing everything and nothing. Rachel Continue reading Gluten Free

Missionary Magnets

We’re doing a series right now in small group, on God’s vision for the world. We’re reading a study called Xplore, and talking about & praying for the Global Partners at Park. When I think about missionaries, I think about Grandma Hammarberg’s fridge. The fridge was covered in magnets and cards; my older cousins in silly dance Continue reading Missionary Magnets

How to know when it’s time to quit your job

When you stay up as late as possible on Sundays, even though you’re tired, even though you’re spent, because going to bed means waking up to Monday that much sooner, and because waking up to Monday means the start of another long work week that will leave you drained and tired and exhausted and done.


When my grandmother passed away, the extended family gathered in their adopted state Arkansas for her memorial service, and to comfort my grief-stricken grandfather. I remember sitting on their worn couch in the living room, where I had spent seventeen summers and sixteen Thanksgivings – we skipped one year because our family had the flu. Everyone Continue reading Grandpa