Mentor Resident Adviser, Syracuse University

I’m a second-year Resident Adviser (RA) at Syracuse University. Becoming an RA was easily one of the best decisions I’ve made at SU; it opened the door for me to develop my leadership skills and grow professionally, with extensive training on topics like safety and inclusivity.

As an RA, my primary tasks are to develop community and ensure safety within the residence halls. Within the realm of community, I facilitate roommate agreements, help solve roommate conflicts, host Individual Conversations on important topics and create floor programs for my 40 under- and upperclassmen residents. Within the realm of safety, I conduct nightly rounds and address and document policy violation. Additionally, I am trained on the Main Desk of the building.

This spring, I was also selected as the Mentor Resident Adviser (MRA) of my building. As the MRA, I mentor my thirteen RAs, and serve as a bridge to Senior Staff, offering advice and an ear to listen. I am also a liaison to senior staff and central office, meeting with each on a weekly basis to provide weekly input on staff concerning training and potential areas of improvement, and then bringing information back to the staff on special topics. Finally, I assist with miscellaneous training and create the schedule for nightly round coverage.